Elon Musk Throws In The Towel, Agreed to Buy Twitter At Full Price

October 6, 2022 John Chow

According to news coming out of Bloomberg, Elon Musk sent a letter to Twitter agreeing to buy the social network for the original price of $54.20 a share. This brings to a close the months long legal battle between Musk and Twitter, with Musk being the loser and Twitter being the winner. So why did Elon gave up? Musk attempt […]

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TikTok Shopping: What You Need To Know

October 5, 2022 Neil Patel

Not that long ago, it was all about Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but now everyone is talking about TikTok. It seems like every top brand is on there, and even smaller businesses like Elf Cosmetics and start-ups like Vessi are taking the platform by storm. The social media site is so wildly popular that TikTok […]

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How Houston & Ko Make +$20k/Month Finding Top Talent for Companies

October 4, 2022 Niche Pursuits

Paula and Claire are two entrepreneurs who correctly identified a gap in the market and then capitalized on it. Using their collective experience connecting freelancers with companies, they launched Houston & Ko. Today their business brings in over $20k per…
The post How Houston & Ko Make +$20k/Month Finding Top Talent for Companies appeared first on Niche Pursuits.

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