Creating Packaging That Sells

July 27, 2017 Blog

Brands get a chance every day to present their products directly to their target consumers at the stores where they are sold. Thus, it is really important to create product packaging concepts that display a strong on-shelf presence.

Think of a store as a consumer expo where we get a chance to directly interact with the target consumer and possibly convert them into buying customers, what would be our sales strategy? We would firstly think of creating a great first impression with a unique looking booth which would attract the consumers and give us a chance to pitch the features and benefits that the product offers, possibly leading to a sale.

Once you have an audience with the consumer and have converted them into buying customers, it will be the user-friendly nature of the packaging as well as the efficacy of the product (it delivers the results it promises) that would lead to retention, meaning the customer will buy your product again.

Similarly, in a store, the product is presented directly to a potential customer who is already at the end of the buying funnel. Most marketers would argue that customers have already predetermined their choice when they are entering a store so it is more important to create brand awareness through other mediums that drive them to buy our products. Although it is true that the significance of brand awareness cannot be undermined, but ignoring an opportunity to let go of a customer at the point of sale isn’t a productive marketing idea either.

Think again about a consumer expo where thousands of exhibitors are selling their products, all having similar kinds of stalls, we always see more consumers flocking a few well designed and well-presented booths that stand out in the surrounding clutter. In the same way, if we can find a way to stand out in the clutter of products on the shelves inside a store through creativity and innovation we can create an opportunity to attract new customers directly at the point of sales.

However, it is not easy unless we have a thorough understanding of the consumer mindset and have gathered insights, which then can be transformed into PACKAGING THAT SELLS.

Thus, it is important to follow these three rules while creating an engaging product packaging:

1  –  ATTRACTION  involves creating a unique aesthetic appeal and branding architecture of the product packaging. It’s not just a combination of colors and elements that form a design but also a creatively crafted pack that subliminally stimulates the consumer mind through its branding and product concept and drives action leading to the next phase.

2  –  SATISFACTION  is the communication that the customers read on the packaging, speaking to them the language that they want to hear. This depends on trending features, claims and ingredients that are most favored and talked about in the market. On a product packaging, we can’t possibly describe all the aspects and features of the product but having key insights can help us determine what claims and ingredient trends can be leveraged to satisfy the requirements of the consumer and convert them into buying customers.

3  –  RETENTION  depends on the user experience that the customers have with the product once they buy it which include the user-friendly nature of the product packaging apart from the efficacy of the product which means that it delivers the promised results.

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